Important Facts About Sales and Marketing


The Sales and Marketing Departments in any organization are the key determinants of the performance of the company.  This is because a company depends on the sales that are made on a daily basis to enable them to generate profits.  Without sales, a company will run on losses and eventually wind up.

On the other hand, the sales department usually relies on the marketing department.  How this happens is that the marketing department is responsible for looking for potential buyers by advertising their products.  Afterwards, interested customers will want to see the products so as to make a purchase, and the sales people will meet the interested buyers ready to make a sale. If you want more details, visit

It is therefore very important for the two departments to work hand in hand.  Failure to do so will result in no sales, hence no business going on in the company.  To avoid this, every organization should focus on the two departments and emphasize the need for them to work together.  Communication is the key between the two departments, hence a company should enhance easy communication by providing all the necessary tools for easy communication e.g. internet access, free telephone lines, fax, email etc.

When the sales and marketing department at are in alignment, even the customers appreciate the smooth running of the business.  This is because whatever the marketer promises the buyer, it will be delivered as promised by the sales person who closes the deal.  The customer enjoys the personal touch of the sales person and he will be a happy customer even willing to introduce their friends because of quality service.

It is also important to note that when there is good communication between the two departments, there is no risk of losing a customer due to abandonment.  Abandonment of a customer happens when a marketer promises a good quality product, then a sales person delivers the product.  In the event that the customer doesn’t like it and asks for some adjustment, the sales person may never deliver the message to the marketer and this will result in loss of sale and an abandoned customer.

However, to keep at bay any disappointments, it is important that the marketers only send the sales people to the most valuable leads. This will motivate the sales person when the product is sold.  Additionally, there will be no wastage of time and resources.  At the end of it all, the copy writing for the web company will run smoothly and generate profits.


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