Your Answer to Sales and Marketing Hiccups


Building a website is one step and creating the content is another step that requires the hands of skilled copywriters. Today, the need to have a site with rich content that market your business is really demanding. Consequently, the thirst for reputable copywriters keeps surging each day.

The content you place on the site needs to communicate precisely, what you do and of importance, the words used should be simple to understand. In fact, no client is interested in reading complex articles that demand the help of a dictionary to understand. Using the services of skilled website copywriter is an assurance all aspects of your business will be captured in the content generated.

At Bright Orange Thread, we understand the need of your business running a professional website well furnished with business-driven content. To quench the thirst of copywriting, we offer a range of copy writing for the web services at Whether you run a starter business or a well-developed business, our copywriters are well skilled in crafting professional content.

The focus of Bright Orange Thread is to ease the burden business faces when trying to reach their clients. Using our well-researched metrics, we can collect, analyze and measure the impact of any content posted on a business site. By considering factors such as traffic generated and most visited pages, Bright Orange Thread marketing metrics help in giving a clear picture of which areas need much attention or a redesign.

 It is important to a business to have B2B marketing metrics you can track and improve. These metrics will ensure the sale and marketing strategies and models are intertwined at all time. Separating each from the other make it harder for businesses to reach their clients on time. At Bright Orange Thread, we have B2B to be marketing metrics that we use to gauge and monitor the performance of your business. These parameters include but not limited to;

Page rank




Referral sources




Exit rate and so on.

If you think your site is not serving the business purpose, it was designed to fulfil. It is high time you give us a call. At Bright Orange Thread, we have the tools, the experts, and any other resource your business need to score 100% in B2B marketing.

The time is now. Give us a call we are one phone call away and available 24/7 round the clock. For more details, visit


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